Wine tasting note: Colle Verde Greco delle Gaggie

Colle Verde Greco delle Gaggie

17th Oct 2000 ITL15000 Colline Lucchesi & Montecarlo Dessert Other

This wine is made from late harvested Grechetto grapes using the traditional Vin Santo method. Bright orange gold with some pinking at the rim. Quite delicate, grapey nose with quince, bitter undertones and plenty of alcohol coming through later. Full bodied and fairly viscous, initially very sweet, with flavours of grape giving way to thin but slightly sweet almond and oak nuances. Lovely long finish with a slightly bitter twist. Like many Italian fine wines, this blossomed with a chunk of Parmesan - the mid-palate fattened out and the finish was luscious - a star! Don't have it as a dessert wine though - enjoy it with a good pate or hard cheese.